Sunday, June 19, 2011

Challege #12 - Frozen "Hot" Chocolate

Challenge #12- Find a way to cut down on dark chocolate bars.
Over the winter, I would have hot chocloate instead of a piece of chocolate as a treat. Now that it is summer, and in the 80's, I have no desire for a hot drink.
The solution: I became inspired by a something I hadn't had in years; Dunkin' Donuts Coolata. I came up with below, easy recipe using no sugar.

1 Cup water
6 ice cubes
3 heaping teaspoons of 100% cocoa powder
2 packets Stevia (Or Stevia drops)
pinch of sea salt

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth (ice is all broken up).  Taste and adjust salt/stevia as needed.
Very simple, but delicious.  This created a frothy top that reminded me of a root beer float, which was a surprising bonus.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Challenge #11 - "Pizza" Re-work

Th Original Recipe: Pizza on whole wheat crust, pita, or naan with pesto, goat cheese, and veggies
The No's: Wheat crust and pesto with oil
The Swap: Cauliflower Crust from Your Lighter Side which I altered and Pesto modified from Vegetable Centric Kicthen

Cauliflower (1.5 cups cooked "riced" cauliflower)
Basil (2 handfuls)
Sea Salt
1 Tomato
Half a Pepper
1 small Zucchini (raw)
1 egg
goat cheese

Step 1: Steam cauliflower and 4 cloves of garlic.  When cauliflower is finished steaming, "rice" in food processor with steamed garlic. Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees.
Step #2:  Mix cauliflower, garlic, salt (to taste) and 4-5 fresh basil leaves, and 1 egg
Step #3: Spread mixture onto tray with parchment paper in a "pizza" crust shape
Step #4: Bake in oven for about 20 mins on 450 degrees or until "crust" starts to brown.

Step #5:  While "pizza crust" is baking, begin pesto.  In food processor add zucchini, handful of basil, and sea salt(salt to taste), and 2 gloves garlic (garlic can also be adjusted to taste).  Mix until smooth.
Step #6: When crust is done baking, remove from oven and spread pesto over crust.
Step #7: Add goat cheese, tomato, and pepper topping. (Or any other toppings desired)
Step #8: Put "pizza" back into oven to melt cheese and lightly cook veggies (About 5 or so minutes)
Step #9: Cut pizza and enjoy.
Conclusion:  Although it's not a perfect substitute for a flour crust, it was delicious.  I enjoyed the "pizza" and plan to make this again.  I need to work on the crust a little more.  When I returned it to the oven the 2nd time with the goat cheese and veggies, it got a little soggy.  I ate my slices with a knife and fork, but the outer edge was crispy.  Hopefully next time I will get the correct balance and be able to eat my slice without the knife and fork.  Your Lighter Side suggests Broil instead of baking to melt the cheese, so I think this is what I will try next time.


Challege #10 - Sweet potato Fries Dip

There was a French Fry place my husband and I used to go.  They only had fries and you ordered different kinds of ketchups, mayos, and such to dip the fires in.  One of my favorites was a garlic mayo.
Since mayo is off the table now, I thought about how I can make something similiar.
Old: Garlic mayo
The swap: Zucchini with roasted garlic

Recipe: Very simple.  Roast garlic in oven.  Cut up one small zucchini.  Put into food processor with about half of the roasted garlic and a pinch of sea salt.  Enjoy with sweet potato fries.
I've decided that I like sweet potato, but I think the yams are the winner in sweet potato vs. yam.  Sweet potato fries in photo below.

Challenge #9 - Eating at Restaurants

The other night a friend and I went out to dinner.  I've been learning my way around eating out at places.  This has included ordering a salad an asking for entree size and veggie omlet or steamed veggies.  Now I understand I may not be accommodated all the time, but 2 times now I have asked a place (including one that has a brunch menu) for an omlet and the answer I got back was sorry the kitchen does not have any eggs.  I find it a little hard to believe, it just seems odd that a kitchen would not have any eggs at all.  I think I would rather be told, sorry we can't stray from the menu. Maybe they really dodn't have any eggs. Oh well, I just have to be a bit more selective in restaurant choosing next time I go out to eat.